On my wish list in June



I want to add a few regular posts that I will post on a monthly basis and I am starting with this one called “on my wish list in..”. This is going to be a mix of tips of what would be good to do that month, and things I want to achieve in that month. Let’s get to it!



  • Spend a day in the park. Bring sun tan lotion, snacks, a book, a blanket and maybe some days and spend a sunny day in the park. What could be better? Summer is short in England and I want to take advantage of every sunny that I can.


  • Have a barbecue. I love barbecues, they are sociable, lots of fun and consists of delicious food.


  • Get a pedicure. I am the worst at painting my nails! The get next to no attention and I really want to improve on this point. I’m thinking every shades of pink, white and soft blues.


  • Run outside once a week. As you can see, this month is mostly about exploiting the (hopefully) sunny and warm weather. I love to go for walks and runs, it clears my head, I get time for myself and of course the obvious health benefits are not bad.


  • Spend time with friends outside after work. I will be starting a new job this weekend and I can’t wait to spend the hours after work at a beer garden. The warm and sunny weather tends to make me want to be more sociable and spend as much time with my friends which is great for my mental health and obviously my friendships.


  • Travel. The summer is prime travel season and if you have the funds and time for it, you should absolutely go travel! Europe is great in the period June-August and I will be going to the south of Norway where there will hopefully be beautiful weather (yes, it does happen!)


  • Expand my salad making skills. In the summer I tend to crave light, fresh and cold food and I really want to take advantage of that and make yummy salads. I am not the greatest cook or someone who has daily salads so I can definitely improve on this point.



I hope you will have a great month!

xx Rapunzel

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