Must reads for the career focused woman

I wanted to create a post telling you about great books I have read, especially geared towards career focused women. I find successful people, and especially women, fascinating and inspiring. Reading their stories or advice is something I have found very useful and I wanted to tips you about the books that I have really enjoyed and would recommend. I have not studied or worked in anything business, finance, entrepreneurial or economics related, but these are still books that I have devoured and really enjoyed reading, proving that you don’t have to have a background in any of these topics to understand or enjoy them.





  • #Girlboss – by Sophia Amoruso

Sophia is the founder and executive chairman of Nasty Gal. Haven’t heard of it? You should!  It is a online shop selling clothes, shoes and accessories, all with an edgy and cool style. My absolute favourite skirt is from her shop, I have had that skirt for 4 years now and it’s still my go-to skirt for when I’m dressing up! Sophia was a girl who struggled to stay in the same job, craving changes and finding it difficult to stay in boring routine jobs. So eventually she started selling vintage clothes that she had bought and altered herself, on Ebay. She used her skills of photography, altering clothes, and social media to sell her clothes, and her popularity quickly grew. This book is in essence about her life, from the start of Nasty Gal, how her personalty and life choices led her to creating her own Ebay shop, and advice for other #girlbosses.

I loved this book and read it in a few days, not able to put it down. It is inspiring, and you are left with a sense of wanting to create something for yourself, even if there are things about you that does not say “entrepreneur”. I will leave it at that, go read #Girlboss.




  • Love is not enough: A smart woman’s guide to money: A smart woman’s guide to making (and keeping) money – by Merryn Sommerset Webb

This is one of my absolute favourite books that I have ever read. Merryn has a financial background, but she is able to explain terms such as bonds and shares easily. She reassures her readers that terms used for investing, saving and making money are not as complicated as many say. This is again a book that is written towards women, and is especially target towards being financially independent, without a man to help, aid or completely control your finances. Having a job and making money is certainly not a foreign concept for women these days, but how many of pictures a future (if you’re a heterosexual woman) where a man is there to either help, add or completely being in charge of money and big purchases like a home? Merryn has tackled this issue, and this book will give you advice on how to handle your money wisely and independently.

You will get advise on how to save money at different stages of your life, different methods of investing your money, the best ways of saving for a pension, and life situations that can drastically change for financial future. She shares plenty of her own experiences (good and bad) which makes for a light hearted yet interesting read. If you get any of these books, definitely get this one!




  • Nice girls don’t get rich: 75 unavoidable mistakes women make with money – by Lois P. Frankel

This book focuses on behaviours that are typical of women that sabotages our moneymaking potential . It talks extensively of things that we have been told when we were girls, that we take with us in life as  adults and that often does not translate well in working life. An example is negotiating. On average men are more successful at negotiating at work, compared to women. When were were girls we were often told to be “nice”, “do as your told”, to not be “bossy” and that we would be taken care of (usually by your future husband). These are all things that hinder women in making the most of our potential in our career, and Lois takes about how we should steer away from these behaviours that we were thoughts as girls, and to act as women, not girls or men. An absolutely great book that opens your eyes to behaviours that you are probably doing yourself and gives you good advice on how to change it and why it is important. This is not a book that teaches you how to act more like a man, on the contrary, you are thought how to act more like a woman. A definite must for any working woman!


I hope you will read at least one of these books, and I wish you a great weekend!

xx Rapunzel



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