Royal blue interior

Lately I have become quite obsessed with interior design. I’m testing out new styles, colours and moods and my latest obsession is royal blue or deep blue. I have always loved this colour in clothing and as this is a popular colour in all things interior lately, I cannot stop dreaming about the perfect home décor items in this amazing colour.


PicMonkey Collage Royal blue

Blue door found on Pinterest
Blue rug from Z Gallerie
Cushion from Zara home
Inspiration from Z Gallerie

The blue accents give a real depth to a room and make it both feel homely and stylish. Blue is often thought of as a cold colour, but I think that if you pair it well with other soft colours, it can really feel warm and cosy. I know I need a few cushions, at the very least!

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New territory

Well, this is certainly new. This is my first blog and it’s created out of curiosity, boredom and a need to write down my thoughts. Hopefully this will be a method to relieve stress, a source of inspiration for myself and something I will enjoy doing. I’ll leave it at that for now, welcome!